Landlord Registration

It is now an offence for Landlords to let a property without having applied to be registered. Landlords could face a fine or have their rent withheld if they avoid registering.

The Fee to register as a Landlord is £75.00 with an additional £17.00 for each property owned.

If you add a joint owner to your application, who has not already applied for registration, their fee is subject to 100% discount, so you do not have to pay anything for them.

You can register online at Landlord Registration Scotland.  If you apply on line you will be asked for the Landlords Agents Registration Number – in our case it is:

LARN 1901001

Can Littlejohns register for you?

It is the responsibility of the Landlord to register.  We will not hold the relevant information required on individual Landlords to be able to assist with this application.

HMO Properties

If you have a property with an HMO Licence then your details will be transferred free of charge onto the Register – if you have additional non HMO properties then you must register these.


The renewal fee is payable every 3 years. Please make sure you renew on time or you will be liable to a late payment fee of £149.00.


The Management Process

Littlejohns offer a complete management service for your property. Marketing your property, vetting prospective tenants, regular inspections, on-going maintenance and rent collection are just a small part of what we do.

The Management Process


General information

Thinking of investing in a property for rental income, upgrading your exisiting property or increasing your rental capacity? Whatever your plans for the future, Littlejohns can offer advice and guidance.

General Information


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