General Information (tenants)

We’re a helpful bunch at Littlejohns, so in this section we’ve collected a host of useful information that tenants often ask us about.

From council tax rates for the coming year to insuring your home, you’ll find it all here – and if you don’t you can always give us a call on 0131 228 3535 or use our contact form to send us an email.

We’ll do our best to help!

Designated property manager

Notify council tax and utilities

Management of maintenance issues

Comprehensive inventory

Deposits held secure in SafeDeposits Scotland

  • Health & Safety

    All Littlejohn’s properties and their contents meet health and safety regulations.

    Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) legislation applies to all properties with 3 or more unrelated tenants. There are certain rules and regulations to which properties meeting this description must adhere. All the properties we manage that are affected by this have the appropriate HMO licence.

  • Emergency Information

    Should an out of hours emergency arise then please call us immediately on 0131 228 3535 where you will hear a list of our Contractor’s telephone numbers to contact.

    In the event of a Fire – dial 999

    In the event of a gas leak call Transco immediately on 0800 111999

    If you have water penetration from the property above and are unable to get anyone in – please call The City of Edinburgh Council on 0131 200 2000 who will put you through to their emergency team for access.

    Please be absolutely sure that there is an emergency before calling our Contractors out as you maybe charged for the repair – our Contractors are very approachable and sometimes a telephone call to them is all that is required to help you out.

    Repairs to White Goods are not classed as an emergency – please call the office when it re-opens.

    Office Hours:

    Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00pm (Thursday we open at 10.00am)

  • Council Tax Bands

    Edinburgh 20222023

    Band Annual Council Tax Per Month*
    A £1238.13 £123.81
    B £1444.48 £144.44
    C £1650.84 £165.08
    D £1857.19 185.71
    E £2396.28 £239.62
    F £2931.55 £293.15
    G £3497.45 £349.74
    H £4334.82 £433.48

    East Lothian 20222023

    Band Annual Council Tax Per Month*
    A £1213.42 £121.34
    B £1415.66 £141.56
    C £1617.90 £161.79
    D £1820.13 £182.01
    E £2347.60 £234.76
    F £2871.33 £287.13
    G £3424.89 £342.48
    H £4244.03 £424.40

    West Lothian 20222023

    Band Annual Council Tax Per Month*
    A £1195.43 £119.54
    B £1394.67 £139.46
    C £1593.91 £159.39
    D £1793.15 £179.31
    E £2312.14 £231.21
    F £2827.48 £282.74
    G £3372.04 £337.20
    H £4177.92 £417.79

    Midlothian 20222023

    Band Annual Council Tax Per Month*
    A £1280.69 £128.06
    B £1494.14 £149.41
    C £1707.59 £170.75
    D £1921.04 £192.10
    E £2480.18 £248.01
    F £3035.31 £303.53
    G £3622.49 £362.24
    H £4491.25 £449.12
  • Multiple Occupancy

    The Scottish Executive has introduced legislation for all properties with 3 or more unrelated tenants.  Properties meeting this criteria must obtain an HMO Licence (Houses in Multiple Occupancy).

    The City of Edinburgh Council website has the full details of these regulations.

    All of the properties that we manage have the appropriate licence from Edinburgh Council.

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